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After realizing that I had collected a large amount of Legos over the years, I figured that I should do something cool with them. I planned out a Lego Pikachu using some online resources, and went to work. I eventually ran out of Yellow Legos for the exterior, but was luckily able to source more from other places. At 2 feet tall, and 30 lbs, Pikachu now stands on display at Bricks4Kidz in Chico, CA.

Click on Pikachu to learn more about the process!

While scrolling through online ads one day, I found a broken arcade system (Konami's Silent Scope) for sale. I figured that even with the system broken, the cabinet itself would still be great to use. I purchased the system, and took out all of the inside electronics, then replaced them with a computer tower and a 26" display. I also added a joystick and arcade buttons (as the rail shooter that it was before had no need for buttons), and did away with the computer's Windows shell. The arcade now boots into a custom program that allows for players to choose from many different games.

Click on the arcade to learn more!

At the hype of Pokémon GO in 2016, I wanted to have something to show that I was a Pokémon GO player, so that other players would be less hesitant to approach me out in public. I 3D modeled a Pokédex case for my phone, then 3D printed it. Giving the phone case proper tolerances for my phone to fit well proved to be challenging, but after a couple of tries, I got it down.

Click on the Pokédex to learn more!

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